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In 2019 the Directors of Wight Fire & Security identified a local need for a specialist company to deal with the specific requirements for fire door installation and maintenance. Consequently they set up Wight Fire Doors with Jon Bilton who runs the company. Since it’s inception Wight Fire Doors have carried out a large number of fire door works across the island with clients ranging from Vestas, HMP Parkhust & Albany, the Garlic Farm and the RSPCA to many individual flat owners.

A fire door is no ordinary door, it is one of the most critical elements of passive fire protection, used to provide compartmentation – in other words, containing fire and smoke for a period of time to allow people to be safely rescued and evacuated. Fire doors are engineered safety products and are used regularly like any normal doors but everyday use puts them at risk of damage or abuse which may compromise their fire safety efficiency. Maintenance of these life saving devices should be an essential part of your property’s fire safety system.

In a 2019 a review undertaken by FDIS certificated fire door inspectors revealed the extent of fire door failures being seen on site.

  • 76% of fire doors inspected were deemed not fit for purpose.  
  • 57% of fire doors inspected required small scale maintenance.
  • Top three condemned reasons
    1 – excessive gaps
    2 – issues around smoke sealing
    3 – poorly adjusted door closer

  • 30% of fire doors were condemned due to poor installation.
  • Data produced by FDIS from a sample of more than 100,000 door inspections.

The correct specification, installation and ongoing maintenance of a fire door can really mean the difference between life or death for occupants, so it’s vital that building owners take responsibility and ensure that their fire doors are regularly inspected and maintained in order to save lives.

Our Services

Fire Door Inspections

Our fire door assessors can prepare an inspection report on the condition and suitability of the fire doors within your building. A detailed report will be prepared listing details of the functionality and condition of the fire doors together with schedule of any repairs or improvements required. Please contact us for a quotation.

Fire Door Repairs & Remedial Works

Rather than condemning a fire door unnecessarily, it is often possible for remedial works to be carried out whilst maintaining and increasing the doors effectiveness at fire stopping. Many defects noted within fire door reports can be remedied at far less cost than a replacement fire door.

Fire Door Installations

Our trained team of installers can provide quotations for a range of doors to meet your fire safety requirements. Doors can range from basic models to more attractive and stylish fire doors ideal as entrance doors to flats. All doors will be fitted with the following as required;
• Overhead self-closing device
• Intumescent strips/cold smoke seals
• Grade 13 fire rated hinges
• Correct spacing between door and frame
• Correct signage
• Fire rated ironmongery including letter boxes and peep holes if required.

For further information please contact Jon Bilton on 01983 619947.

Faulty Fire Seals

34% of Fire Doors inspected had fire or smoke seals missing or seals that had been installed incorrectly making them unfit for purpose.


15% of Fire Doors inspected had damage to the door leaf which would mean the door is not compliant with fire door regulations.

Excessive Gaps

61% of Fire Doors inspected had excessive gaps between the door and it’s frame (over 3mm).

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For any help or advice regarding fire doors in your business premises or property please contact Wight Fire Doors on 01983 619947